Character Bios

I would like you to meet the main characters of this book “face to face”, so to speak. Unfortunately, I am not an artist (so there will be no pictures), but I hope these “character profiles” will be worth more than a picture to you!

And here they are, in the order of appearance:

Adrian Alexander Angelo (Prince)
Birthday: July 13, 2004
Place in the story: Adrian is the main character, the one who’s “telling the story” as the book progresses.

Personality: Adrian was raised by his adopting family, the Princes (and, by extension, by his true parents, the Angelos) as a very honest and straightforward man. He values his relationship with siblings (and his adopted parents) beyond anything in this world. This feelings makes Adrian feel guilty at first about meeting his real family (if only in his dreams) and his brother… but that will surely pass as time goes on.

This is interesting: Read on, and you shall discover enough to keep you curious!

Mark Demetrius Rigel
Birthday: September 20, 1975
Place in the story: Mark is Adrian’s first connection to the Talented world, a mentor and a guardian during the School – especially since the day Adrian starts to learn how to become a Healer.

Personality: Fiercely loyal to those he loves, stubborn in things he believes in yet endlessly patient and giving of his time, Mark Rigel is a study in contradictions. He takes care of – in fact, loves – Adrian as if he were his son, but is also harsh with him when the circumstances call for it. Underlying all of Mark’s great deeds and miraculous Healings is the pain he admits to Adrian – one of having pushed away someone he loved dearly over the views the two of them held about the Angelos.

This is interesting: Rigel is a father to the friend of Adrian’s twin brother, David – but he has no idea about it until he meets the girl and her mother during the boys’ first real meeting.

Metus Xavier Arthur
Birthday: January 1, 1972
Place in the story: Professor Arthur is the School’s Dean and Adrian’s mentor throughout the story. Although Adrian finds him friendly and father-like at first, he does not like how involved Metus tries to be in his life and how much he wants to know about his activities.

Personality: Professor Arthur is a conniving but likeable man, ambitious and power-hungry as a politician but a loving father to his three children. Arthur’s fatherly attitude towards Adrian is subconscious, since he believes in the boy’s destiny and, as a result, extreme political potential. He is not lying, however, when he tells Adrian he used to be his father’s best friend.

This is interesting: Arthur’s first name, Metus, means “fear” in Latin, but it was given by accident. His parents wanted to come up with a memorable and noble-sounding name for their first child. Arthur’s father picked the name Metus because he remembered it from a Latin class he took in high school… obviously without paying much attention to it.

Alvin Thomas Riddell
Birthday: December 31, 2004
Place in the story: Alvin is Adrian’s best friend and roommate. Although their first meeting leaves much to be desired (Ad is almost ready to back out on Alvin at that time!), Al ultimately makes it work out.

Personality: Due to his experiences (read the book, and you’d know!), Alvin is not comfortable around strangers, and very eager to “test” everything he runs into. He assumes the same “test” attitude with Adrian, only to discover someone who’s willing to accept him as he is. As a friend, Alvin is pushy but loyal, always trying to combine the desire to do what’s best for the cause he and Ad are (or seem to be) involved in with the urge to get to the bottom of things.

This is interesting: Alvin is a very sensitive person, despite his pretense of power and self-control. You will notice it a lot in this and other stories.

Kaiya Aino
Birthday: August 12, 2004
Place in the story: One of Adrian’s classmates… and an unconscious love interest.

Personality: Kaiya is an interesting person. Shy around the people she’s not really close to, she transforms into a loving, loyal, caring friend who is always ready to help. She is quite sociable, despite her shyness, because she became aware of her Talent rather early and was able to hide it (Talented kids are often mocked by their regular classmates, because their first “bursts” of ability make them seem weird).

This is interesting: Kaiya’s Mom raised her alone (her Dad was a Marine, and died during one of the missions). Kai blames her Mom for her decision not to re-marry, and turned to her Japanese roots (Kaiya’s mother is Japanese) when she was eleven to spite her.

Ignat Ridniy
Birthday: June 20, 2003
Place in the story: Early in the story, Adrian only sees Ignat as a rude and arrogant classmate. As times change and they have the opportunity to become friends, Ignat becomes a touch of sanity in Adrian’s busy life, as well as a tutor and a good friend.

Personality: Ignat is straightforward, a characteristic that has much to do with his Russian (or, more precisely, Ukrainian) roots. His vast knowledge and eagerness to learn was nurtured by his family, and his quick wit and arrogance are products of a lonely immigrant childhood. Having arrived in America just before his Talent shows, Ignat finds it incredibly hard to fit in before the School starts, and these experiences forge his character into a rough, albeit caring, sort.

This is interesting: There is a mistake on Ignat’s birth certificate, which states he was born on June 22nd, not 20th. Because of that, Ignat always celebrates his birthday twice – once “publicly”, with a party and gifts, and once in private, as a joke, two days later. The tradition was started by his parents, who tried in vain to change the errant birthdate for a while, and had to give up because of the bureaucratic nightmare that turned into.

Christian Campbell
Birthday: November 5, 2004
Place in the story: Adrian’s first real patient turned friend… turned traitor? Alvin seems to think so. Read on to see exactly what happens.

Personality: At first glance, Chris is shy and unsure of himself, but this first impression is very wrong, as Adrian quickly finds out. As he gets to know his first patient better, he sees Chris’s dedication and passion which sometime borders on stubbornness, as well as his capacity for forgiveness. This quiet and seemingly spineless boy harbors a burning, determined spirit, which surprises his friends and at times gets him in trouble.

This is interesting: Chris is shy mainly because his Talent appeared very late (a few days before he was admitted to the School) – so he simply doesn’t understand where exactly he fits in among the Talented.



Here are some more characters from my next book! Get to know them now!

David Alexander Angelo (Smith)
Birthday: July 13, 2004
Place in the story: David is the main character of the second (upcoming) book in the Angelo series.

Personality: David is the youngest child in his adopted family, and is somewhat irresponsible and rather impulsive as a result. He gets angry when his family tells him he was adopted and is very happy to leave them behind when the invitation from the Eastern School arrives. Longing for a “real family”, David throws himself into searching for the Angelos as well as into developing his friendships with Damien, Gale, Lyz, and Farren. His real character develops as a result – a fiercely loyal and straightforward friend and courageous troublemaker. But he also has to be cunning in order to convince Marteal of his loyalty while secretly searching for whatever dark secrets the Eastern School’s dean may be keeping.

This is interesting: David is actually the older of the Angelo twins (by a few minutes).

Farren Steve Black
Birthday: November 1, 1989
Place in the story: Farren is David’s best friend and mentor… and a link to the past, since he used to be Alex Angelo’s best friend before he vanished.

Personality: When David first meets Farren, he describes him as “dangerous” – and his first impression is quite correct. Loyal to those he loves, “street-smart” about many aspects of the Talented life and cunning when necessary, Farren is ready and willing to stir up trouble when necessary. He masquerades as one of Marteal’s followers to avoid suspicion, but his friendship with Alex drives him to mistrust Marteal, who he believes is responsible for the Angelo’s disappearance.

This is interesting: Farren is the only child in his family whose name has nothing to do with stars and astronomy… and he thanks his Dad for it. He’ll tell David all about it in the upcoming book.

Caesar Franklin Marteal
Birthday: August 13, 1962
Place in the story: Professor Marteal is the Easern School’s Dean and David’s mentor. David mistrusts him early on (Farren’s influence), but learns eagerly from him.

Personality: Marteal is a likable man, ambitious in his political pursuits yet seen as honest and truthful because of his ability to convince people to see and believe in his point of view. He owes this ability to his parents (both psychologists). That could be the reason David always feels like he and Marteal a “playing some sort of a game” whenever the two of them interact. (It is also possible that David’s observation is biased because he trusts Farren’s opinions a lot).

This is interesting: Marteal taught David’s mother, Carine, for two years before he became the Dean, and he often uses her as an example when explaining things to David.

Lyzander DePierre
Birthday: December 26, 2003
Place in the story: David’s best friend and roommate… and a touch of sanity in his life. Sometimes. When he doesn’t try to teach Davi to fence.

Personality: Lyz is the most mature person among David’s School-age pals. Thought his parents were normal, Lyz was exposed to the Talent society early on through his older sister’s stories (she went to the Eastern School a few years before him) and Renaissance Fairs his father took him to every year. As a result he can control his Powers somewhat better. He was also taught to respect everyone’s opinions since he was little, which contributes to his reflective, accepting nature. But don’t let these personality traits convince you that he’s an angel. Lyz can be quite a troublemaker and a joker when he feels like it.

This is interesting: Lyz loves to fence so much he brought all his fencing gear to the School and teaches everyone and anyone who asks. That drives Davi crazy, because he is certain his friend is breaking the School’s “no weapons” rule by doing that.

Amara Helena Velazquez
Birthday: March 3, 1976
Place in the story: Gale’s mother, Farren’s former mentor and very good friend, and one of the teachers.

Personality: Strong-willed, confident, a people’s person… sounds like someone we’d all want to be. However, these traits are a perfect mask. Amara used to be the exact opposite until she met Carine in her third year at the Eastern School. The gratitude and loyalty to her first – and only – true friend define Amara for the rest of her life, including the day she kicks out Mark Rigel, her daughter’s father, because he said something mean about Carine. Raising Gale on her own makes Amara very protective and patient – something David will appreciate when he goes through a couple rough moments throughout the story.

This is interesting: Amara was raised by a single mother, and vowed to never let her children experience her fate. Life is ironic…

Gallena Nexia Lillian Rigel
Birthday: May 13, 2005
Place in the story: David’s good friend… very good at getting in trouble along with him.

Personality: Gallena (she always calls herself Gale) spent her whole life at the School, since her mother is a teacher there. Seeped in the Talented culture from childhood, she is rather powerful and can control her abilities well. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for her character. Gale is the typical teenage girl, squared… well, maybe a little less interested in shopping and jewelry than most girls. She replaced those interests with searching the School’s grounds and tunnels high and low for “interesting places” – something David and Co will appreciate later in the story!

This is interesting: Gale longs to find her father… and ask him why he abandoned her and her Mom all those years ago. However, Amara never told her who her father was, so she is in for a surprise when they finally meet.

Damian Lukes
Birthday: August 30, 2003
Place in the story: David’s friend, and quite a troublemaker.

Personality: Damian went through some hard experiences in his life (you’ll have to read the book to find out), so it’s not surprising that his character isn’t exactly all sweet. He is not comfortable making friends (David and his pals are an exception), does not trust the authorities, and does not believe there’s justice in the world – at least whenever he’s involved. Damian is also an idealist and knows how to work hard to achieve something he believes is right. That’s one explosive combination of character traits! Poor Davi…

This is interesting: Damian and Alvin are alike in a lot of ways. However, Damian deals with his past problems by avoiding the world instead of “attacking” it, the way Al does.


Now that you’ve met the characters, I hope you will want to know them better!

And… you can always ask questions about them… I will try to answer!