Author Secrets

1. I write the way some busy people read – a page or so at a time, then put the pen down and come back to the story the next day. Unusual as it may sound, such approach to writing helps me understand my characters a lot better. I also get to see what direction my story line is bending, and adjust and/or follow it in the way that best fits the overall story.

2. To me, writing is a lot like acting. I try to “frame” a situation in my mind, figure out how I would feel if exposed to the circumstances my characters face – and use that as a guide in writing. So, in essence, the biggest secret in this book is that every character’s experiences and expressions (including some hobbies and likes/dislikes) are directly experienced in an attempt to make these wonderful people (and yes, I see my characters as individuals, not just “imaginary creatures”) all the more authentic.

3. Why is there six (or, technically, seven) Powers in the story? There are several reasons. First of all, there is “magic” associated with numbers 6 and 7 in various belief systems (“lucky seven”, anyone?). Also, once I considered possible graphic representation of the Powers, something including six points felt most symmetrical. More importantly, when I considered all the possible “magic” actions I have ever read or thought about, they seemed to separate nicely into three sets of “opposites” – another six – which could combine, in their most extreme expression (and there’s your seven!). Matter and Spirit – material versus mental/spiritual events; Life and Death – need I explain?; Time and Eternity – flitting, momentous events versus lasting experiences… it just fit!

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